Kat Bivens Pictures


                                                  Jim Alexander, P. Thornfeldt, E. Bivens          B. Alexander  J. Merrill & K. Merrill              Alexander, Wood, Thornfeldt & Bivens


                                               Sandra Lovelace             Curt Lovelace     Kathy Merrill                                                                              Curt & Sandra Lovelace

                                Mike Nestor, Lonnie Wood,       Wood               Robert & Song Patterson                                   Fay & Joseph Marrufo, Barb & Jim Brielmaier


                                                                                  Barbara Alexander                                                                                                Robert & Song Patterson


                                     Jack & Kathy Merrill                                                                                 Mike Nestor                                                      Kel Humphreys                    Jim Alexander           Ed Bivens


                                               Jim   Brielmaier          Ed Bivens           Kel Humphreys   Chuck McIntyre                                                    Richard Parshall and Sister

                                                                         Roy & Connie Johnson                                                                                                                           Pier House Beach

                                                                              Pier House Entrance                                                                                                            The Pier House had beautiful landscaping, almost a jungle

We know what this was about !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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