1. Big G Nicknames:

    (Origins of nicknames, to the best of memory, in parentheses).

    CDR Gerard P. "Cap" Gebler; Captain of the USS Georgetown for 3 cruises; affectionately nicknamed "Cap" by many close to him.

    BM3 L. "Tiger Lilly" Jeffers; mild-mannered until riled up.

    SN J. "Loose" McClenney; long, gangly walk with arm and legs flailing around.

    SN D. "Wimpy" Perry: reminded us of Wimpy "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger on Monday", Popeye's buddy.

    SN W. "Winny" Enyart; reminded us of Winny the Poo.

    BM3 R. "Porky" Porwolly; last name Porwolly and reminded us of Porky the Pig.

    RD3 Carl "Tanker" and "Oiler"Fields; (to the best of my recollection) we got in a silly mood after Carl reported a radar contact as probably and "oliler", meaning the speed was that of an oiler, or tanker. The name "Tanker" stuck.

    Lt. R. "Dodo" Johnson; Mr. Johnson was telling us about Mauritius, our next port. He told us about the dodo bird being extinct on the island, the name stuck.

    SN R. "Tonto" and "Chief" Tsosie; ship's barber and American India, a natural about indian nicknames and too many corny jokes about "scalping". His friends tired of the jokes quickly.

    CT3 D. "Greek" Chorba; Chorba the Greek, we didn't have to dig deep for nicknames.

    CT1 J. "Birdman" Starling; self-explanatory.

    CT2 M "Wild Man" Cain; wild on the beach.

    CT2 G. "Wild Man" King; another wild on the beach. Must be that CT2 thing.

    CT2 P. "Kid Man" Sutton; looked like a kid and already a CT2.

    CT3 J. "Ferndocker" Fehrn, can see where "Fern" came from but don't know where docker came from. I think it had something to do about docking a big ship; and Fehrn was a little large.

    CT3 D. "Tube Man" Matthews; spent a lot of time in his "tube", rack, or bed.

    CT3 Charlie "Choctaw Charlie" Gordon; Nick Peluso was the first person I heard call him Choctaw Charlie; we just assumed Charlie was Choctaw descent.
    I am fairly sure he was Choctaw descent.

    CT3 F. "Mondo" Munger; brought the name from his last duty station, i think something about a movie.

    CT3 D. "Bizarre Man" Prey; just a bizarre guy.

    CT3 R. "Buz" Sawyer; from the Buz Sawyer newspaper comics.

    CTSN Joe "One Man Crowd" Briley; Joe was so fast with his conversations that he threw 2 or 3 sentences or questions at you before you answered the 1st one; CT3 Nick Peluso gave him the nickname (I believe he gave it to him at their last duty station together).

    CT2 J. "Fat Cat" Faltz; it was not all about his size, not sure of the full origin.

    CT3 P. "Namu" Neff; from Namu the Whale.