Crossing the Line October 10, 1968

"Crossing the Line" is an acient tradition of sailors that dates back hunderds of years. Georgetown was visited by King Neptune and his Honorable Royal Party on 10 October 1968 as she crossed the equator steaming for Africa. The Pollywogs greatly outnumbered the Honorable Shellbacks, The scenes that followed are just a few of the activities that kept both Wogs and Shellbacks busy for two days. The day prior to crossing was spent preparing the Wogs and Ship for King Neptune's visit. On the day of crossing, King Neptune and his Royal Party came aboard to hold audience with his prospective subjects. It took a lot to get some of his new subjects in presentable condition, but by the time the morning was over we had over 250 new shell backs with clipped heads, aching bodies and clean souls to prove it. 

All of us Wogs started in the lower forward section of the ship and had to run aft  and up the ladders to get to the top passing shellbacks with strips of fire hoses swatting us. I was quite a bit taller then the hatches and the first hatch I ran through I came up to fast and split my head open and ended up in sick bay. I was told I would have to go through the ceremony on the way back. I told them "no way". I insisted on going through it. I got to go through everything but I didn't have to take anymore fire hoses. 

Our Leaders:  McDowell         Waters            Our Hero


Photo Supplied By Claude Johns CTA3


April 30, 2000