Plank Owners 1963-1965


OIC Operations  NSG
bulletLCDR. R. H. Blass
OC  Division (O Branchers)
bulletLt. R.A. Hutchinson,
bulletCTC J.E.Komaromy, Leading CPO
bulletJ.J.Brennan,CT1;  G.K.Foster,CT1;  P.M.Jennings,CT1; C.A.Martratt,CT1; F.W.Paulis,RM1 (GenServ);
bulletF.C.Nail,CT2; L.Trahan,CT2; T.O.Wilkins,CT2; T.M.Vining,RM2(GenServ).
bulletD.O.Filkins,CT3; J.L.Hotard,CT3; D.F.Kotek,CT3;  V.L.Mack,RM3 (GenServ);  V.B.Rood,RM3 (GenServ);  R.A.Trevino,RM3 (GenServ); 
(The GenServ Radiomen were assigned to Lt. Hutchinson and the OC Division although they were not CT's)



  OI  DIVISION (R,I,and A Branchers)
Division Officer
bulletLt. E.G.McGrath, Division Officer


Division CPO T & A Branch (Traffic Analysis)


bulletH.F.Ghrist,Jr. CTC, Leading Chief Petty Officer
bulletD.J. "Dutch" Sprenkle, CTR1; Leading T & A Branch PO,  W.E.Colbert,CTI1 (TDY);
bulletW.J.Casey, CTA2; E.J.Daniels,CTI2;  R.M.Desjardins, CTR2;  F.E.Epperson, CTA2 (TDY); W.J.Kyrouz,CTI2 (TDY); E.J.Lebrun,CTR2;
K.B.Mcie,CTR2;  R.E. Miller, CTA2; G.A.Newcomb, CTR2; D.E. Steele, CTR2, W.K. Weidamoyer, CTA2;  J.F. "Frog" Zarth, CTA2;
bulletM.J.Cullivan CTI3;   A.A.Depompei,CTR3;  C.A.Glover,CTI3(TDY);    R.A.Huwer,CTR3;  J.A.Martinez, CTI3 (TDY);   R.Rodriguez, CTI3 (TDY)(Yes--there were two of them); E.E.Sieber, CTI3;  
bullet S.E. Tepper, Cpl,USMC(I Branch-TDY)

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OR Division (R Branchers)
bullet Lt. L.H.Olmer, Div Off
bullet D.H.Albee,CTC, Ops Petty Officer;  R.L.King,CTC, Div Leading Petty Officer 
bullet M.D. Cain, CT1; J.M. Canarr, CT1;  C.L. Carrigan, CT1; R.E. Cote, CT1; R.G. Mills, CT1; R.R. Roberson, CT1; M.L. Driscoll, CT1; R.R. Trovato,CT1
bulletB.J.Seaman, CT2; J.D. Singleton, CT2;  C.F. Underwood, CT2; C.J. Wilkins, CT2;  P.A. Jaquith, CT2;
bulletT.C. Adams, CT3;  D.W. Akers, CT3;  F.W. Behr, CT3;  E.D. Crandall, CT3;  F.H. Draheim, CT3;   R.H. Drybrugh, CT3;  J.E. Eargle, CT3;  K.J. Herman, CT3;  W.H.Herring, CT3; S.D. Hinckley, CT3;  J.T. Hooker, CT3;  J.M. Lawless, CT3;  D.A. McClary, CT3;  R.A. McCrum, CT3;   J.L. Obenchain, CT3;   F.M. Ott, CT3;   P.A. Roth, CT3;   D.D. Sholty, CT3;   A.P. Smith,Jr. CT3;   K.C. Tutek, CT3;   R.M.Whitaker,CT3;    H.T. Williford, CT3; J.J. Swysgood, CT3.
bullet A.F. Glatz, CTSN; E.B. McGrath, CTSN; J.M. Russell, CTSN; B.W.Sjogren,CTSN; Chuck Allen, CTSN

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OT Division (T Branchers)
bullet Lt. W.F. Millward, Div Officer
bullet W.H.Russell, CTTC, Leading Petty Officer
bullet R.L. Deshazer, CT1; L.W. Eighmey, CT1;  R.E. Sweigart, CT1; 
bulletA.E. Caron, CT2;  J.C. Creel, CT2;  R.J. Davie, CT2; W.E. Flint, CT2; S.O. Logan, CT2;  L.A. Poliquin, CT2; H.L. Pond,Jr., CT2; CT2;  J.G. Roney, 
R. Schmidt,CT2;  J.F. Sneed, CT2; L.K. Snodgrass,Jr., CT2; A.L. Tiller, CT2; J.C. Woehl, CT2;  D.F. Yetman, CT2.
bulletR.G.Bauer,CT3;  P.H. Borges, CT3;  J.R. Doe, CT3; L.J. Greenberg,CT3;              R.L. Hardin,CT3; T.J. Schiff, CT3;   M..E. Waldron, CT3;  
bullet V.M. Brainard,CTSN; J.C. Lovelace,Jr. CTSN; L.A. Poliquin,  CTSN; 

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OE Division (MATMEN)
bulletLt. J.E. Olsen,  Division Officer
bulletJ.F. McNally, CTCS, Leading Petty Officer
bulletR.T. Flint, CT1; M.F. Williams, CT1
bulletJ.L. Brown, CT2; R.H. Chubb, CT2; J.E. Deverter,CT2; D.C. Fuller, CT2; G.R. Johnson, CT2; L.H. Lahann, CT2; D.N. McDowell, ETN2; R.C. Pope, CT2; A.P. Sharman, CT2
bulletD.A. Craft,ETR3; S.J. Fike, ETR3; R.F. Lange, CT3
bulletH.L. Dossett, CTSN; W.R. Gibson, II, SN



Georgetown Band

Left to right:

Ed Daniels, Hank Pond, Mike Driscoll, R. Barbossa, J. Siano.

Couple other people occassional played. F. Ott played the piano at the embassy in Rio along with "Frog" Zarth on another guitar.

Pond and Daniels would go up on the foc'sl and practice and the crew would all come up and we would have sing alongs with them. This was during tropical hours. Daniels was always requested to play "Under the Double Eagle" and Pond was always requested to play the "Auctioneer." Daniels,Pond, and Driscoll were all CT's but I can't remember what Barbossa and Siano were for sure. I couldn't find their picture in the cruise book.


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