KEY WEST, FLORIDA April 11th - 14th

I'll have all the names on by the weekend is over.

Sunset In Key West

                                                     Ed McGrath,  Ed Bivens, Chuck McIntyre, Kel Humphreys, Veral Barton,  Jim Brielmaier, Jack Merrill, Curt Lovelace, Bob Trovato

                      Doug Pratt,                     Jim Maitlen,          Joseph Marrufo,     Lonnie Wood      Jimmy Alexander

Not Pictured Here  - Webster Baker, Sam Fike, Paul Thornfeldt, Roy Johnson, Michael Nestor, Richard Parshall, Warren Perry & Henry Tapken

Robert Patterson

The Ladies


Catch of the Day

This fish was caught by Ed Bivens. It was from the  Grouper Family and an endangered species.  He was The Man on Friday.


                                               Capt. Thomas Brown                                                           Ed, Fish &  Aaron                                                                  Aaron Doblar, First Mate


                                                                  Everyone                                                                                                                                          E. Bivens,    J. Merrill,  B. Maitlen, K. Bivens, K. Merill, B. Alexander, J. Alexander, J. Maitlen                                                                                           

                          is & Chuck McIntyre, Kel Humphreys,  Vereal Barton    Kat & Ed Bivens     Jim Brielmaier               Curt & Sandra Lovelace

                                                    Vereal Barton                                             Ed Bivens                                           Bob & Nikky Trovato, We will have more later on him.

                                                                                Jimmy Alexander                                                                         Jim Maitlen, almost sleeping

                                                                                Kat Bivens & Barb Alexander                                                Robert Patterson       Sam Fike & Paul Thornfeldt

                                                                                 Chuck & Mavis  McIntyre                                                                                        Ed Bivens

Sunset Cruise

                                         Jack Merrill                            Jim Alexander  (Jimbo)                                    Lonnie Wood             Jack Merrill        Ed Bivens   Ed McGrath    Jimbo

                      Webster Baker                                          Lonnie Wood                                                   Kathy Merrill                    Fay Marrufo              Sandra Lovelace

                                             Joe &  Fay Marrufo                                                                                               Jack Merrill       Curt love Lace                Doug Pratt

J. Brielmaier, R. Johnson, B. Trovato, Lt Nikky Trovato, E. Bivens


Dinner Pictures

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